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Preserve The 4th Amendment & help us fight for Human Rights!

Join US for a Direct Action from Monday, August 26th through Wednesday August 28th at the VMWorld Conference at Moscone Center From 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Boycott 2013 VM World Gold Sponsor CSC & Help Preserve The 4th Amendment

NSA Outsourced IT to CSC: CSC, the “Rotten Systems Integrator” that runs NSA’s internal IT system, defense and intelligence, CSC as a contractor is making millions of dollars selling technology and services that help the world’s largest surveillance system spy on us!

Crimes Against Humanity: CSC was responsible for the infamous CIA torture rendition flights across Europe.  CSC chartered airplanes and facilitated the infamous torture of Khaled Al-Masri, a German Citizen.  He was abducted and tortured onboard a plane provisioned by CSC. Read More At

Investor Deception: In addition, CSC has deceived investors with irregular accounting practices. The accounting irregularities expand multiple continents.  Read More AT

Failure to Deliver To Its Customers: Furthermore, CSC has failed to deliver to its customers (e.g. NHS) as well as depriving UK tax payers by failing to deliver on its promise.  In the UK the Computer Science Corp CSC is known as the “ Rotten Company

While under investigation by the UK parliament for failing to deliver on NHS, sued by its own shareholders for irregular accounting practices and being investigated by the European Union Commission for Human Rights, CSC continues to receive defense & private sector contracts. The CSC the system integrator or “Geek Squad” of the NSA embodies the essence of what the Preserve The Fourth Amendment should stand against!

Somehow the technology and financial industry analysts have missed the red flags on CSC’s unethical business practices. Please help take a stand by asking VMware Management & CSC Partners to discontinue support for this inhumane, incompetent and menacing organization. Learn more about CSC Defense Contracts awards! “Rotten” CSC, the “systems integrator” that runs NSA’s internal IT system, defense and intelligence!

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Meet the contractors analyzing your private data

Amid the torrent of stories about the shocking new revelations about the National Security Agency, few have bothered to ask a central question. Who’s actually doing the work of analyzing all the data, metadata and personal information pouring into the agency from Verizon and nine key Internet service providers for its ever-expanding surveillance of American citizens?

Well, on Sunday we got part of the answer: Booz Allen Hamilton. In a stunning development in the NSA saga, Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald revealed that the source for his blockbuster stories on the NSA is Edward Snowden, “a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.” Snowden, it turns out, has been working at NSA for the last four years as a contract employee, including stints for Booz and the computer-services firm Dell.

The revelation is not that surprising. With about 70 percent of our national intelligence budgets being spent on the private sector  – a discovery I made in 2007 and first reported in Salon – contractors have become essential to the spying and surveillance operations of the NSA.

From Narus, the Israeli-born Boeing subsidiary that makes NSA’s high-speed interception software, to CSC, the “systems integrator” that runs NSA’s Continue reading

CSC agreed to pay $97.5 million to Defrauded Investors

Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) agreed to pay $97.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over alleged false statements about accounting and the company’s performance on a multibillion-dollar contract.

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Why Teacher Union Is Pursuing a Lawsuit Against Computer Science Corp, CSC? Read The Complaint

Full Complaint Can Be Found On


Civ. A. No. 1:11-cv-610-TSE-IDD



Lead Plaintiff Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (“Ontario Teachers’” or “Lead Plaintiff”), individually and on behalf of all other persons and entities that purchased or acquired Computer Sciences Corporation common stock during the period between August 5, 2008 and August 9, 2011, inclusive (the “Class Period”), and who were damaged thereby, allege the following based upon personal knowledge as to itself and its own acts, and upon information and belief as to all other matters.

Lead Plaintiff’s information and belief is based on Lead Counsel’s investigation, which included, among other things: (1) a review and analysis of CSC’s public filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”); (2) a review and analysis of other public documents pertaining to CSC and its senior officers and directors, including Michael W. Laphen, Michael J. Mancuso and Donald G. DeBuck (collectively, the “Individual Defendants”), including press releases, analyst reports, pleadings in other litigations, news articles and other media coverage; and (3) interviews with former CSC employees and other persons with knowledge of the matters alleged herein.  Many of the facts supporting Lead Plaintiff’s allegations are known only by CSC and the Individual Defendants (collectively, “Defendants”)… Read more

Ex-IBM Exec Helped CSC Poach Employees, Suit Says

Law360, New York (January 16, 2013, 7:27 PM ET) — IBM Corp. slapped a former IBM executive and his new employer, Computer Sciences Corp., with a lawsuit in New York federal court Tuesday, accusing the ex-worker of breaching a nonsolicitation pact by recruiting IBM workers and helping CSC raid IBM’s finance department.
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Boycott CSC At VMworld 2012

CSC Boycott, Computer Science Corp At this years VMworld conference in San Francisco CSC is a Gold Sponsor. CSC has been responsible for illegal CIA rendition torture flights, irregular accounting practices and failure to meet customer commitments in UK.

#OccupySF is asking for volunteers to come to 101 Market Street during the day from Aug 27th to Aug 30th and take action by canvasing the event against CSC. All we are seeking is a pledge from CSC directors for committing to zero- tolerance to torture and unethical business practices. Please help us educated the technology attendees at this event.

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CSC Torture Flights, CSC Accounting Frauds, CSC Is In SF Next Week

CSC Logo, Computer Science Corp Image, Logo CSC, CSC images, We are seeking support for volunteers to help canvas and participate at Moscone Center in SF from Aug 27th to Aug 30th.

For the VMWorld Conference and its Gold Sponsor CSC. Please see the background info bellow.
Boycott CSC for the following reason:

Crimes Against Humanity- CSC was responsible for the infamous CIA torture rendition ights across Europe. CSC chartered airplanes and facilitated the infamous torture of Khaled Al-Masri, a German Citizen. He was abducted and tortured onboard a plane provisioned by CSC.

Investor Deception- In addition, CSC has deceived investors with irregular accounting practices and is currently under investigation by the SEC. The accounting irregularities expand multiple continents.

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CSC Offering DaaS- Deception As A Service

The Digital Reader has done some detective work and come across what may be an FCC filing of Amazon’s next tablet, believing that the online internet retailer may have used a front company to file the documents in order to sneak the tablet under the radar.

The filings were issued by a company called Harpers LLC, with The Digital Reader tracing the company back to an address rented by CSC Entity Services. The listed name on the paperwork, Stephen Facciolo, is apparently the President of Harpers, who just so happens to also work for CSC. Meanwhile, his name appears on LinkedIn for CSC, with the website concluding that CSC is the first front company that Amazon employed to set up the second front company.

Read the full article on Slash Grear. or

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As Call For Boycott of CSC increases, CSC Inhumane Torture Flights Details Are Exposed

CSC Fraud, CSC Crimes Against Humanity, CSC Management Photos, CSC Images, CSC LogoIn November 2005, after the Washington Post first discussed the existence of secret prisons in Europe, Human Rights Watch revealed that “CIA airplanes traveling from Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004 made direct flights to remote airfields in Poland and Romania”. Investigations by the Council of Europe and European Parliament in 2006 and 2007 provided further information about renditions to and from these countries.

In 2008, however, an inquiry conducted by a Romanian Parliamentary Commission led by MEP Norica Nicolai concluded that it was impossible to find any evidence of Romanian involvement in the CIA black site programme.

In December 2011, Associated Press and ARD Panorama revealed that former US intelligence officials had identified the location of a CIA prison in central Bucharest, “hiding in plain sight”. AP wrote: “The Romanian prison was part of a network of so-called black sites that the CIA operated and controlled overseas in Thailand, Lithuania and Poland. All the prisons were closed by May 2006.”

Reprieve’s Renditions Inc. investigation has now uncovered multiple failures by the Romanian Parliamentary Inquiry. Despite reviewing 4000 documents over two years, the inquiry mysteriously failed to notice key suspicious flights into and out of Romania organised by renditions contractor Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

The following are among the flights ignored by the Romanian inquiry:

  • Gulfstream IV with tailnumber N288KA flew from Kabul to Bucharest via Amman on 31 July 2004. It stayed less than 90 minutes in Bucharest before returning to Washington DC via Prague and Gander. CSC budgeted $248,000 for this trip, including $60,000 of “mission specific costs”.
  • Gulfstream IV with tailnumber N308AB flew from Romania to Morocco and then on to Kabul and Algeria between 23 Aug. 2004 and 28 Aug. 2004. CSC budgeted $437,000 for this trip, including over $143,000 of “mission specific costs”.
  • Gulfstream IV with tailnumber N789DK flew from Romania to Kabul via Amman on 20 Oct. 2004. CSC budgeted a total of $337,000 for this trip.
  • Boeing 737 with tailnumber N787WH flew from Morocco to Romania and onwards to Lithuania on 18 Feb. 2005. Leaving Romania, the plane filed a false flight plan giving its destination as Gothenburg, Sweden, but the Lithuanian parliamentary inquiry confirmed its arrival in Lithuania from Romania. CSC paid almost $400,000 for the round trip.
  • Gulfstream IV with tailnumber N308AB flew from Romania to Tirana, Albania, arriving at 22:38 on 5 Oct. 2005, where its pilot was instructed to “drop all PAX [passengers]”. N787WH, also contracted by CSC, was already waiting for them and left Tirana soon after, heading to Lithuania, although it had filed a flight plan to Tallinn in nearby Estonia.
  • Gulfstream IV with tailnumber N1HC flew from Romania to Amman, arriving just after midnight on 6 Nov. 2005. Another Gulfstream, N248AB, was waiting for it and proceeded from Amman to Kabul approximately 30 minutes later.
  • To Learn More  and view supporting documentations Visit: